Marijuana is Safer than anything


There are no recorded cases of overdose or fatalities attributed to cannabis, and the estimated lethal so high that it cannot be achieved by recreational users.                                                                                      

Don't believe everything you "Know" about Marijuana... "We have been systematically misled for the past 70 years..."

The US government has a Patent on Medical Marijuana:#6630507

We are  a community-based grassroots association of citizens, dedicated to ending the social and environmental harms caused by cannabis prohibition. Now that 85% of the American public believe that medical marijuana should not be arbitrated by the government; but should be a Doctor patient decision; it is time to legalize medical marijuana, as a legitimate therapeutic option. In addition, America is the only "industrialized" nation to prohibit marijuana's "sober cousin" Hemp, as an agricultural crop. Currently, Hemp is also classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance.

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The next time someone asks you, "Why is marijuana SAFER than alcohol?" You can say, "Cannabis is virtually non-toxic, is not associated with violent or aggressive behavior and is much less addictive than alcohol."

Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol

Cannabis is a Vegetable, and a Medicine